Getting Around

Boracay is a small island so getting around is fun and easy. Most places can be visited on foot. There is primarily one main road on Boracay that stretches across virtually the whole length of the island. Almost anything you need will be just off this road. To travel along the main road is very simple. There are three modes of public transport, motor tricycles, electric buggies and motorbikes.

"Boracay Tricycles" by Anthony Alger
Motorised tricycles are the most common vehicles on the road. They are motorbikes with an attached and raised side car that can sit up to six persons. A seventh passenger can be accommodated by sitting side saddle on the motorbike behind the driver. Tricycles are very frequent and very cheap. Most journeys cost 10 or 15 peso. There are no particular stops to wait at, you simply stand on the side of the road and hail the first tricycle that comes along. They will drop you off wherever you want on the main road. There is no need to negotiate a price as it’s a fixed rate. If you want to, when a tricycle is empty you can negotiate a price so that it doesn’t stop for other passengers. The odd tricycle that tries to cheat tourists is usually parked by the entrance to D Mall and is waiting for foreigners unaware of the system. Walk a few metres away and hail one.

Electric buggies are a little more comfortable than tricycles but are less frequent. They charge the same price as the motorised tricycles.

Motor bikes are fairly common and faster than tricycles and electric buggies, but charge a little more.

All these modes of transport can be hired for private tours around the island. Hotel pick up and drop off can be arranged. The hotel staff will be happy to arrange it for you.